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The bull calves have been weaned, weighed and processed. All of their data will be entered in the association's data system. I have individual AGA papers along with performance data and EPD's. These tools will be useful to individuals in making their selections. The bulls have been poured with Ivomec pour on, wormed with Safeguard wormer, and vaccinated with Bovishield Gold One Shot which has IBR, BVD, PI3, and pastuerella. Vision 7 with somnus was used as the 7 way Blackleg. The bull calves are growing out nicely. They will be ready for viewing from January on. Most of the offering is black. Many are homozygous black and polled. The offering includes Balancers consisting of Gelbvieh X Black Angus and purebred Gelbviehs. There are a few Red Angus X Gelbvieh composite bulls for sale. There are also some coming 2 year olds.  Our policy is payment of 1/2 down at selection time with the balance due at delivery. Deliveries will be made in April after the bulls have been semen tested. All bulls will be guaranteed to be breeders.



Feed Program:

We've been feeding Purina Accuration for several years now and our customers have told us they are really happy with how the bulls stay in good body condition clear through breeding season. Purina Accuration is an amazing, patented product using fish meal ground with corn that limits the bulls' intake to several "snack" feedings per day with forage. The rumen's digestive bugs never have to adjust from a high starch diet of corn to an all forage diet on pasture while breeding cows. So the bulls are already "hardened" for grass and will not lose too much body conditon while breeding. We were skeptical before we tried Purina accuration. We researched Purina's testimonies on the bull rations and discovered there are several well known seedstock producers on the accuration program who have very reputable programs. We began a 3 year trial and received more complements on how well 88 Ranch bulls kept their muscling and condition compared to more expensive bulls purchased at public auctions who seemed to lose their eye appeal through the breeding season as the fat melted away. Fat does hide alot of flaws. We are happy to report that after breeding season, our customers feel they made a good purchase with an 88 Ranch bull compared to other bulls. After preg checking time, they feel even better about their purchase due to the percent bred. After calving, they are even more pleased with the amount of style and muscling that shows up in their calves. Add the benefits of heterosis from cross breeding at weaning time and realize that a free lunch means more money for other things. When they receive their bonus check from selling their Gelbvieh x Angus fat cattle on the grid of which a good percentage will make the Certified Angus Beef program, they know they made a right decision. Now, the best part is...if you keep replacement heifers, you will love your Gelbvieh Angus Balancer females! Another great bonus about the Gelbvieh and Angus is that they are very maternal breeds. A salesman's job becomes really easy when the product they are selling SELLS ITSELF. Success in the seedstock industry is determined by the amount of repeat business you get year after year. There have been times when we've asked our buyers if they encountered some problems with Gelbvieh since they hadn't been back for a few years and their answers have been similar...."I'm still using your Gelbvieh or Balancer bull even though he has to be at least 8 years old." That says something about the dispositons as well.


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