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2121 Final Answer
A Final Answer that is 38% Gelbvieh 62% Angus. If you don't have any Final Answer bloodline in your gene pool, this is a bull to buy. He will not disappoint you.
717 Final Answer
75%Angus 25% Gelbvieh Balancer by Final Answer, a sire who was on the top 10 list of Angus sires used from 2009 to 2014 when he died at age 14. He was #1 in 2012. Genex is currently selling semen from Final Answer II, a clone.
4035 Connealy Black Granite
25% Gelbvieh 75% Angus Balancer. BW 84 WW 667 A great set of EPD numbers.
6703 Connealy Black Granite
25% GV 75% ANG Balancer. BW 92 WW 692 From a great cow family!
244 Connealy Regulator
25%GV & 75%ANG. BW 77 WW 560 Moderate frame, thick & deep, easy fleshing, super disposition.
39 Connealy Regulator
25%GV 75%ANG Balancer. BW 82 WW 668 Another good set of EPD numbers.
219 Connealy Black Granite
25%GV 75%ANG Balancer. There's a reason why Black Granite semen sells out fast. BW 87 WW 640 One of the top bulls offered.
Here is a 50/50 GV-ANG Balancer that will carry a red gene because his mother is a top red cow. A 715 lb. weaning weight and 90 lb. birthweight. Performance bull!!
486 StingRay
BW 76 WW 656. 25%GV & 75% ANG. Love the StingRays! Low birth, good growth!
BW 84 WW 678 38% GV & 62% ANG Balancer.
302 Connealy Black Granite
A bull not on the bull sheet. 38/62 GV-ANG Balancer. Ask for details.
302 Connealy Black Granite
38/62 GV-ANG Balancer. Not on the bull sheet. Ask for details.
299 Capitalist
This bull is one of the top gaining bulls. 25/75 GV-ANG Balancer out of one of the top A.I. sires in the industry...Connealy Capitalist. BW 92 WW 586. One of the top bulls.
204 Final Answer
25/75 GV-ANG Balancer with a 78 lb. BW and 595 WW. Top cow family! Nice bull!
132 Ace
50/50 GV-ANG Balancer. A real standout in the pen. Deep, thick, wide, powerful individual that will add performance to your herd.
125 Baldridge Waylon
The Baldridge Waylons are unique in their makeup. They will add a bit more frame and performance. Superior dispositions, big testicled, more rugged with alot of depth and length. This bull is a 25/75 GV-ANG blend.
106 Bismarck
Another 25/75 GV-ANG Balancer out of the maternal A.I. sire, Bismarck. This yearling bull will sire a great set of replacement heifers.
6538 Final Answer
38/62 GV-ANG Blend out of Final Answer. Mother typically has low birth, high performance progeny with this son looking to be no exception.
4024 Conquest
A really nice bull! 50/50 Gelbvieh-Red Angus Balancer out of the highly used, popular Red Angus A.I. sire, Conquest, who is now deceased.
3733 Regulator
BW 76 WW 659 Balancer bull made up of 25%GV and 75% ANG out of ABS A.I. sire Connealy Regulator. Regulator puts a wide square hip on anything he sires. Good disposition, good bull!!
085 Bismarck
Here is a 25/75 GV-ANG Balancer out of a cow that has a keeper every year no matter how she is bred. Sired by the maternal bull, Bismarck.
4511 Power Tool
A low birthweight, calving ease bull that is mostly Angus. BW 65 WW 626 If you are in need of a bull to use on heifers, consider this guy.
4412 Payweight
BW 79 WW 613 Another high percentage Angus bull out of Payweight, a high price A.I. sire that has back orders at least a year out on his semen. Look him up under the Genetics tab...A.I. Sires.
2727 Long Haul
Long describes this 25/75 GV-ANG Balancer. One of the very top bulls in the pen with a 86 BW 643 WW.
411 Bismarck
BW 64 WW 617 25/75 GV-ANG Balancer calving ease bull. Use on heifers with confidence.
400 Cash
We purchased a herdsire to use as a clean up bull after A.I. that is sired by Barstow Cash. Here is a mating out of a red 1st calf heifer that turned out nice. He does carry a red gene which means if a black cow also carries a red gene then 25% of their matings will produce a red calf. BW 75 WW 717
374 Bismarck
25/75 GV-ANG Balancer by Bismarck. BW 94 WW 693 out of a 2nd calf heifer.
Regulator 6022
Here is a bull that will drop your jaw when you walk out into the pen. He is as wide as deep as long as any. A Connealy Regulator which puts a tremendous amount of wide hip into his progeny. This bull was a late gestation bull giving him a heavier birthweight of 102. He is the highest performing bull in the pen. If you want added weaning weight, he will do it.
299 Capitalist
Here is a younger picture of 299 with a recent picture and description above.
Black Granite 6703
Here is a younger picture of 6703 with a recent picture and description above.
88 Mr. Impact
He is 63% Gelbvieh and 37% Angus. Birthweight is 88. Weaning Weight is 661. Born March 2, 2016. Homozygous black. Out of a top cow. A really good bull!!
132 Ace
A younger picture of 132 with a more recent picture and description above.
219 Black Granite
A younger picture of 219 with a recent picture and description above.
Cash 101
25/75 GV-ANG Balancer out of our Barstow Cash son we purchased for a clean up bull. As much as a month younger than his pen mates, he had a 83 BW and 596 WW from a terrific cow.
Final Answer 204
A younger picture of 204 with a recent picture and description above.
#461 Oly as a calf
This one likes to lay next to the hayfeeder where all the mud is, so I don't have a good recent picture. But, take a look at his picture as a calf. BW 85 WW 727 out of a 1st calf heifer.
Regulator 013
I wish I could get a picture of this guy that would do him justice. One of the best bulls in the pen! Super gentle! 25/75 GV-ANG Balancer from another great Cinch daughter. A favorite!
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